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The best ingredients

Shor Professional

  • New improved compositions

  • Medicinal therapeutic ingredients

  • Natural mild aromas

Flower Bud Petals

Nelupure ™

A unique extract of Egyptian and Holy lotus flower that removes greasy shine

Affipore ™

Flavonoid-rich Buchu plant extract normalizes sebum secretion


Polyplant 7 Herbs ™

extract of seven plants to maintain oily skin: Porcini, Peltokorte, Birch leaves, Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Lime

Trikenol Plus ™

A combination of tea tree, white willow and salicylic acid against inflammation

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky
Purple and Yellow Pansies

Wild Pansy Extract

Keto-pansy extract against inflammation, shrinks skin pores

Polyplant Oily Skin ™

Extract of seven plants to normalize sebum secretion and restore skin: Bladderwrack, Oatgrass, Watercress, Ivy, Lemon, Sage, Swamp

Herbal Oils

AcNet ™

a combination of two acids that fights the bacteria of acne

Sepicontrol ™ A5

cinnamon extract against black heads

Image by Heather Barnes
Image by Samara Doole

Aqua Shuttle ™

seaweed extract for 3D wetting

Hydromanil ™

Tara plant extract for long-term moisturizing

Herbal Medicine

Polyplant Moisturizing ™

moisturizing combination of seven plants: Southern narcissus, Ivy, Selja, Kiiltomalva, Cucumber, Herb and Lime

Detoskin ™

peony extract protects the skin from the blue harmful light of the squares

Image by Irina
Image by Katrina Wright

Sesaflash ™

sesame extract for skin lift

Matrixyl ™ 3000

a peptide combination that rejuvenates the skin

DNA Strand
Image by Katrin Hauf

Cobio-Phytonic ™

a clinically studied combination of five plants against drunks and eye sacs

Sepilift DPHP ™

a biovector with anti-aging, moisturizing, firming and regenerating effect

Test Tubes
Lab Experiments


acetylcholine precursor that gives skin firmness and elasticity, effectively smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and aging changes

Lanablue ™

  • anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle ingredient ("Blue Retinol")

Beauty Products
Dropper Bottle

Idealift ™

fights against skin sagging, stimulates elastin synthesis

Tens'Up ™

an innovative active ingredient from a chicory extract with a remarkable lift  effect. It increases collagen synthesis, so the appearance of the skin is improved immediately.

Yellow Flowers

Gatuline® In-Tense

Anti-aging ingredient derived from the plant paracrose, which has an immediate effect against wrinkles and sagging, firms and lifts the skin

Rosehip oil

contains plenty of essentials
fatty acids that significantly affect the skin
elasticity and moisture balance of the skin
for restoration.

Pink Flowers
Tropical Fruits

Polyplant Fruits ™

  • combination of fruit extracts: raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, strawberry and papaya (AHA acids)

Ainesosat: Products

Aquaxyl ™

moisturizing ingredient that enhances the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins involved in corneal regeneration

Liquid Texture
IMG_4850 3_edited.jpg


  • the modern equivalent of AHA acids,
    which exfoliates and renews in a progressive and controlled manner
    skin. After four weeks, the skin becomes lighter,
    spots, blackheads and acne scars disappear without stinging or

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