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Shor Professional

Seal of beauty

SHOR professional is a family business founded in 1999.

In a relatively short period of time, the company achieved amazing results: today, the OSA Cosmetics plant develops its own brand Shor Professional and manufactures Private label products for leading cosmetic brand representatives.   

The founder of the company, Andrey Shor, has a master’s degree in organic chemistry from the Russian University of Chemical Technology in Moscow. Andrei Shor worked for leading Israeli cosmetics companies for several years.

The history of the well - known cosmetics brand SHOR professional began in 1999  in a regular home kitchen. It was here that the company’s founder, Andrey Shor, created the first self-developed creams for cosmetologists.

Her main goal was to create high-quality, safe and at the same time effective cosmetic products for the preservation of beauty and youth.

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In 2003  already the entire Shor family developed skin care products. The son of the company's founder, Vyacheslav Shor, took on one of the leading roles.

In 2017  Vyacheslav Shor created a laboratory center at the OSA Сosmetics plant.  

It is here that innovative formulas are created and preparations are tested. The two generations work together to develop innovative skin care products  as well as developing its own brand. 

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Today, SHOR Professional combines purity, harmony and aesthetics. All of this is the result of years of work focused on researching trends and marketing in the cosmetics industry, creating a concept and developing a brand.


Shor professional- Seal of beauty logo is the desire to leave its mark on the creation of skin beauty and health. White background means purity, aesthetics and space. Gold is a symbol of wealth, prestige and elegance. The combination of shades of white and gold for the company is a symbol of harmony, endless energy, power and nobility.


The Shor professional brand is a favorite product of the OSA Сosmetics factory. It involves tremendous experience, professionalism, and boundless love for what we do for two generations.

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The Israeli Ministry of Health constantly monitors the operation of the laboratory. All manufactured products have the necessary certificates and permits issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the products comply with international quality standards.

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Shor Labs

SHOR Professional

Follower of the advancement of cosmetology

OSA Cosmetics carefully follows the development trends of cosmetology, the latest developed active ingredients and recipes, participates in international trade fairs, conferences and seminars.
"We believe that our story is just beginning. There are still many discoveries ahead to preserve the health, splendor and youthfulness of the skin" - Andrei Shor.

The high-quality cosmetic range Shor Professional for professionals is now sold in Israel, Finland, Estonia, Latvia,  In the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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