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Facial treatments

Visible results in short time

The Shor Professional cosmetics offers range of professionals effective facial treatments and the best results in a short time. Ready-made solutions for various skin problems.

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BALANCELL facial treatment

Deep cleansing for all skin types and treatment for oily and combination skin with enlarged pores

  • normalizes sebaceous gland function (reduces excessive sebum production)

  • improves the appearance of the skin: cleanses and shrinks pores

  • removes the shine of oily skin  

  • smoothes the surface of the skin

  • prevent possible inflammation

  • protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment

Лечение красоты

PROPIOCARE facial treatment

Facial treatment for problem skin moisturizes and removes dead cells in the upper layer of the skin, regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands, has a healing and antiseptic effect, stops the development of infection, promotes skin regeneration.

  • normalizes sebaceous gland function

  • eliminates inflammation

  • prevents the growth of inflammation and infections

  • prevent and heal scars

  • protection against adverse environmental effects

  • moisturizes problem skin,

  • removes dead cells in the upper layer of the skin,

  • improves the condition of problem skin

  • antiseptic effect

  • promotes skin regeneration.

Натуральный ингредиент маска для лица

HYDROPROTECT facial treatment

Dehydrated and dry skin treatment, restoring the condition of the skin after deep exfoliation.

  • restoring hydro-lipid balance,

  • deep and long-lasting hydration,

  • smoothing out skin imperfections,

  • improving skin tone and elasticity,

  • acceleration of regeneration processes,

  • restoring the skin's natural protective functions,

  • protecting the skin from adverse environmental effects


REAL-C facial treatment

Antioxidant, relaxing facial for all skin types and rejuvenating facial for aging skin

  • saturation of the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and energy  

  • improvement of metabolic processes

  • prevention of skin aging and light damage

  • increasing skin tone and elasticity

  • lifting and lifting

  • smoothing the surface of the skin

  • improving tone and color

Содержание Женщина

SENSOCALM facial treatment

gentle facial for sensitive, reactive and coupero skin

  • saturates the skin with antioxidants and energy;

  • restores the epidermal barrier and the protective hydrolipid membrane  

  • increase skin moisture

  • prevents future and alleviates existing inflammatory processes

  • increase skin resistance and local immunity

  • increase and strengthen the flexibility of blood vessels

  • reduces the risk of capillary rupture

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