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From the SHOR Professional brand

A family business that  want to leave a mark on the history of creating beauty and health.

The talented chemist Andrei Shor founded the OSA Cosmetics cosmetics factory in 1999, where  began to create the first creams for cosmetologists.  His son Vyacheslav joined and opened the laboratory in  2017.
Today, SHOR Professional is recognized for its purity, harmony and aesthetics.  The combination of shades of white and gold for the company is a symbol of harmony, endless energy, power and nobility.
Shor Professional has solutions for various skin problems and product lines for all ages.
Skin care products are not tested on animals.


Shor Professional lines

Skin care products for all skin problems

Shor Professional is a new series of technologically advanced cosmetics from Israel. The professional series is named after its developer -  Andrey Shor.  The new series was inspired by the latest in cosmetics and biotechnology  the popularity of enzymes among cosmetologists, the widespread popularity of natural cosmetics around the world and, of course, the new most effective  ingredients. The new stunning series SHOR Professional is implementation of huge experience in Israeli cosmetology for over 20 years  work.  Great results in short time. Launched in Finland in the autumn  2020.


Carefully selected ingredients

SHOR Professional constantly researches the achievements of the cosmetics industry and selects only the best medical care ingredients and new patented ingredients for its own skin care products



for skin pigmentation treatment

Shor Professional Snowhite - is a treatment line for skin pigmentation treatment. Snowhite products add antioxidant protection, slow down melanin formation at different stages, stimulate the breakdown of melanin, stimulates the exfoliation of the skin.

Active ingredients in the Snowhite series:

  • NanoWhite 

  • Melavoid ™

  • WhiteTen ™  

  • SulforaWhite ™

  • Tranexamic acid


for oily and combination skin

Shor Professional BalanCell series products are excellent for oily and combination skin. The products effectively solve the problems of oily skin: remove shine, normalize excess sebum secretion, cleanse skin pores and prevent inflammatory processes.

Active ingredients in the Balancell series:

  • Nelupure ™

  • Affipore ™   

  • Polyplant 7 Herbs ™  

  • Trikenol Plus ™ 

6. Balancell Big pack.jpg
7. Propiocare Big pack.jpg


for problem skin and acne treatment

Shor Professional PropioCare - is a treatment line for acne-prone, impure problem skin. The products in the series moisturize the skin, gently remove dead cells from the upper layer of the skin, regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, stop the development of acne bacterial infection, promote skin regeneration.

Active ingredients in the Propiocare series:

  • Wild Pansy Extract  

  • Polyplant Oily Skin ™

  • AcNet ™  

  • Sepicontrol ™ A5


 for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin

HydroProtect - is a moisturizing line to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The products in the series moisturize and nourish the skin, strengthen the hydro-lipid balance, improve skin tone and elasticity, smooth out the skin's first mimic wrinkles.

Active ingredients in the HydroProtect series:

  • Aqua Shuttle Hyd and Hydromanil ™

  • Polyplant Moisturizing ™

  • Detoskin ™

  • Sesaflash ™, Matrixyl ™ 3000

  • Cobio-Phytonic ™

  • Sepilift DPHP ™

  • DMAE

8. Hydroprotect Big pack.jpg
9. ReAL-C Big pack.jpg


antioxidant line against aging

Shor Professional ReAL-C series products help to satisfy the skin with energy and antioxidants, stimulate skin regeneration, neutralize harmful environmental effects,  enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improve skin color, increase skin elasticity and strengthen its structure.

Active ingredients in the ReAL-C series:

  • Retinol,  alpha - lipoic acid and  vitamin C

  • Lanablue ™

  • Idealift ™  

  • Tens'Up ™   

  • Gatuline® In-Tense  

  • Aquaxyl ™


for sensitive and couperosa skin

Developed on the basis of natural ingredients, the professional Shor SensoCalm series is intended for sensitive and reactive skin as well as skin with signs of couperosa. Skin care products restore the condition of the skin, nourish it, protect it from damage, activate regenerative processes, prevent the onset of rosacea and slow down the appearance of new ruptured blood vessels.

Active ingredients in the Sensocalm series:

  • Agascalm ™

  • Tazman Pepper ™

  • Polyplant Perfeskin ™

  • Activities Redout ™

  • Calmosensine ™  

  • Encapsulated routine

  • Olive and aloe Vera

  • Dipotassium glycyrrhizate

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Peel-off masks

Alginate masks

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