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Multifunctional Balm 250 ml

Multifunctional Balm 250 ml

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Multifunctional balm Highly concentrated nourishing night cream with the following components: Sepicontrol A5 ™, salicylic acid, nicotinamide and sulfur. Effectively eliminates dermatitis, regulates sebum production, stimulates the immune defense and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the skin pores, accelerates regeneration and normalizes skin metabolism. It is recommended to be used as an active ingredient in the treatment of acne.

The unique healing night cream and originally an emulsion intended only for professional use contains high concentrations of natural active ingredients and has a broad effect. The balm effectively resists the inflammatory processes of the skin, prevents the growth of bacteria in the skin pores; accelerates skin renewal and improves skin metabolism. Recommended for use as an intensive anti-acne treatment product.


  • Problem skin
  • Oily skin